Saturday, March 1, 2014


These are some of the highlights of 2013 it was an exciting year filled with a lot of adventure.

April we bought our first car!

We found lots of cool hikes this and got to go sailing this summer

In June we we went on a super fun trip to New York!
 Shopping, good food, concerts, museums, Central Park,  Coney Island (my favorite),  and Wicked!
 Spencer was a pro at getting us around on the subways!

We got a couple visits from Spencer's parents last year!

I went to St. Louis with my Mom to visit my Grandma Mary Lou and Aunt Verneda 

My boss gave us his super close tickets to a Mariners game 

Dad and I went to the Huskies opening football game at their new stadium

We took spencer to Mt Saint Helens for the first time

 Our nephew McKay was born!  He is such a happy guy and getting big and squishy.
 We love him for that.
 Then well Halloween was again embarrassing ( and just incase you can't tell, I was supposed to be Taylor Swift)

On Thanksgiving Eve our niece Juniper was born! 
Sam and Audi still hosted us for dinner it was awesome! 


I was soo giddy when I found out Broadway Calls and MxPx were playing a show this was definitely was one of my all time favorite shows!

We had a Christmas dinner Party with my sister Amanda!

And My Girls came you hang with me and Spencer before we left for Texas 
Christmas we spent in Texas with Spencer's parents. We were there for about 2 weeks. I enjoyed the hot tub as much as I could and even started running again while I was there (although it is now March and I haven't ran since...!) The weather was beautiful! We explored downtown Houston, went to the temple twice, and saw the Nutcracker ballet! 

Now that I have documented the past briefly. I hope to let you into my present life a little more!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last week My dear friend and Alex embarrassingly linked this pitiful thing that was once an attempt of blog on her fantastic super interesting and eventful blog because, you see, she is a gypsy traveling with her husband who plays guitar in Imagine Dragons
We had a lovely visit when they came through Seattle last week it was soo fun to catch up on life and all our our adventures! Now back to that post,  embarrassment was inspiring. -I promise my blog got a lot of views last week.  SO I may give the blog another try! But in order to feel complete I feel in need to as least post a brief review of my life since the "Summa-Tiiime" of 2012! 

August 2012- We left our lil house in Provo, Utah. 900 North 250 West.
I miss our rose bushes and our yard, I miss the mountains and the sunshine.  
1/5 of my heart is still there. 

September -I started my New job as a receptionist at Nelson Orthodontics in Seattle

September  -Spencer started his Masters Program at the University of Washington 
(and now he is almost DONE!) 

October- I'd say this was one of my all time lowest moments in life… a WHALE! 

November -Spencer and I cut his hair for the first time! I was a lil terrified at first, but he can do it all on his on his own now!

December -We spent Christmas at My Parents house in Longview. Living close to home has been awesome!

December- AND living so close to Spencer's sister Wendy and her family too!
 This was NYE!

Coming soon 2013...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summa Tiiime!

     Last night was a fun night to be in Provo,Utah. Things got a lil bit Craaazy downtown! After work Dannielle came down and we headed over to be a part of  "Dance Walk Provo". If you haven't seen this video yet , it was the inspiration behind the party. We did it on a much larger scale with a golf cart driven with speakers and the tunes.

    After the dance party we headed over to the Rooftop Concert Series where we found a good spot to put down our blanket to enjoy the show for the night.  Then we got some food from the food market they had set up. It was a cool way to taste some of the restaurants that are located downtown. They each were selling a few items off their menu for the night. It was a fun night filled with good music and seeing great people.

Desert Noises You can watch them HERE

The Moth and the Flame watch them HERE

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The weather here has been amaaaazing. There are so many awesome hikes in the canyons of Utah. These are some pics of a few of these adventures.  

These are at Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove I LOVE it up here!

Amber and I Hiked the Y

Dannielle and I went on an adventure in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake

I Love Waterfalls! 

And this Path is along the Provo River, one of my favorite places to run